Sunday, July 16, 2017

The Royal Pooch is preparing to party

Lord Banjo has been very busy
First, he paid a visit to the Royal Seamstress, and he's so happy with his new royal robe and crown that he's endorsing her as Seamstress to the Stars.  Next, Milord is beyond excited that plans have been finalized for his August 27th Book Launch Party. And yes, he'll be wearing his new outfit!

Ink Penn News
Not to be outdone by the Royal Pooch, I now have an author page on Goodreads. My other news is that I've been selected to participate in the inaugural DeKalb County Public Library Local Author Expo on August 19th. August will be a busy month for both Lord Banjo and the Royal Mum.
A Huge Thank You
Once again, thank you to my readers.  I continue to have repeat buyers as folks read "The Ink Penn" and realize it makes a great gift.

I had to smile when a recent Wall Street Journal article recommended small books as good hostess gifts. That's why there's a copy of “The Ink Penn” in my suitcase right now. For more gift ideas, read my column, "Looking for creative hostess gifts?" and discover what else I found in the WSJ.

Finally, thanks again to those who have posted Amazon reviews. I'm at 25 and hoping for more!

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