Thursday, May 1, 2014

Is She Talking about the Beatles AGAIN?

Yes she is! A few weeks ago, we girls went to see Abbey Road LIVE! “performing ‘The Beatles 1962-1966’ and much more!”  No, the foursome on stage didn’t sound exactly like the Beatles, but they were pretty true to the arrangements and played to an enthusiastic crowd.   The first half of the show covered those years as promised, but after the break, the band ventured into later music and took requests.
We were regaled with Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, Yellow Submarine and selections from the White Album.  I loved every minute of it, and I think my gal pals did too. I had to smile, though, when all three of them had their fingers stuck in their ears during the louder, harder rocking songs like Come Together.
The venue was a restored movie theatre in Atlanta, The Variety Playhouse, and we snagged a table with a great view. There were folks who stood up the entire time down in front of the stage, and there were plenty of young folks there with their parents. Heck, there were even plenty of twenty-somethings there. We met a young man who joined the band on stage when they called for kids younger than 16. He knew more about the Beatles than any of us, and seemed to know the words to all the songs.    
The band is from Athens, Georgia, so I googled them to see if they were doing the show again anywhere close by.  They have a few upcoming events in Athens, and they’re traveling up the East Coast to North Carolina and as far north as Maryland before heading to the West Coast this summer. They’ll be playing in Oregon and Washington even getting as far as Lopez Island in Washington, somewhere I bicycled oh-so many years ago. Check out their schedule if you’re a Beatles fan. 
Several years ago, we gals saw Paul McCartney at Piedmont Park in Atlanta and had a similar rocking experience.  We sat through a bout of pouring rain and 90 degree heat, but it was worth every minute of misery to hear him.  Of course, he played tons of Beatles music in addition to his own.  I just heard he’s coming to Phillips Arena in Atlanta in June, but I’ll be out of town then.  My friends who accompanied me to Piedmont Park said they’d done the big arena shows years ago and were done with those anyway.
I signed up for the Abbey Road LIVE! email to be notified of upcoming shows, so until something convenient pops up, I guess I’ll just have to replay the Beatles Anniversary special from February, listen to my CDs of their early years and make do.  I can think of worse ways to spend a few hours.

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