Monday, December 5, 2016

Banjo's Friendsgiving was a Blast

That’s right!  I visited Camp Counselor SarahAnne (CCA) for a Friendsgiving party, and I was the main attraction.  Get a load of the pic with me in my pilgrim hat.  First, to get in shape for the party, my hosts walked me THREE times.  I had a ball.

Then, once the party was in full swing,  I couldn't believe my good fortune. Everyone wanted to pet me. I’m thinking they’d all heard that Lord Banjo would be in attendance.  As I wandered from guest to guest, I enjoyed belly rubs, ear scratches, exclamations about how handsome I was; you name it.  I did manage to snag a few licks of dip, but the party goers were pretty vigilant about keeping their goodies out of reach of my tongue.

When the last guest left, I crashed and didn’t open my eyes until mid-morning the next day. I gotta say that spending time with a bunch of millennials is pretty cool, even though it took me a day to recover.

Now, I’ve got to get in gear for Christmas.  I sure do hope those kids are having a New Year’s Eve party, and that I get invited back.