Thursday, July 17, 2014

Relaxin' at the River

We took a spur of the moment trip this week to the North Carolina Mountains to rent a cottage on the Tuckaseegee River, where my husband likes to fly fish. When I received a last minute email that the cottage we’d previously enjoyed was available, we jumped on the chance to get out of the Atlanta heat.
You may be thinking as I did, “you just got back from a trip to France; what on earth are you doing?” Who knows?  I quickly calculated how many vacation days I had left, knowing I already had several Fall trips planned, and I discovered I could take a few days off and still have a few to spare.  So, we packed up the dog and the cat and headed for the hills.
The bonus of working for a company that allows me to telecommute is that I can work from anywhere as long as there’s WiFi and long distance.  I took Monday and Tuesday off and worked the rest of the week.  We rode bicycles three mornings and enjoyed the back roads—not much traffic but plenty of hills. We did a bit of window shopping on the short Main Street of Sylva, NC, managed to find some books in the used book store and sat outside for lunch one day. After afternoon naps, we had our daily cocktails on the deck overlooking the river. 
There’s just something about being on the river and watching the early morning mist that makes you slow down.  I took time each morning to relax with my coffee on the porch at 6:30 in the morning instead of immediately heading for my desk—in this case, the kitchen table.  Isn’t it amazing that I can feel like a slacker when I don’t get to my desk until 8 AM?
Banjo, who is 80 pounds of love, has enjoyed wading in the river, hanging out on the deck, walking off leash down the gravel road and giving chase to a rabbit or two.  Every afternoon, the folks across the road are visited by a neighboring Corgi, who comes to see Banjo too.  The boy is a happy camper.
Even Puddin’ has settled in.  At first, she spent her time beneath the bed, coming out only in the evening when we had dinner and started watching the Tour de France.  Once I started working mid-week, she decided the kitchen table must now be my office and started joining me on the table to tear up paper and get her usual treats. I guess she wasn’t sure of the routine and had to feel her way.
I originally discovered this cottage when I accompanied a friend to a crafts fair here at Western Carolina University.  We visited her brother and sister-in-law’s house, and they pointed out this house.  I knew them from seeing them intermittently through the years, but have gotten to know them better during our visits.  They are unbelievably kind and giving folks and have pretty much “taken me on to raise” this trip. 
First, we locked ourselves out, and they helped us get in the house.  Next I discovered I’d left my computer mouse at home and for some strange reason, even my touchpad wouldn’t work.   I was thinking I was going to have to go to town to find a mouse, but sure enough, they had a spare. They suggested places for us to ride our bikes, and even offered to let Banjo stay in their fenced yard.  They are just too nice for words.
Ah well, soon we head home and I start packing for my business trip to Charlotte. It was nice while it lasted.

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