Tuesday, October 20, 2015

The art of the garbage disposal

Say what? Is there an art to using the garbage disposal? Well nooo, but you can create art while using it. Just ask my husband. How? By running the disposal without first checking to see what may have slipped down into it.

I must admit that I was the first and only member of the family to clog it up, by putting potato peels in it.  Thankfully, my husband took it apart and cleaned it out, and it worked fine. And, one of us ruined a stainless steel teaspoon when it fell in.  The spoon still looks like a spoon but is pretty rough around the edges. I can’t bring myself to throw it away though we never use it.

This latest episode made me smile.  I was reading the paper after dinner when I heard an awful racket coming from the kitchen.  I knew right away it was the garbage disposal and kept expecting it to be turned off—more quickly than it was. When the noise finally stopped, I walked in to find out just what had been destroyed. My husband stepped away from the sink, and I reached in to find the first piece of my oldest set of measuring spoons—the metal ones we all had back in the 70’s. First came the bent tablespoon, then the cleverly twisted teaspoon, followed by the relatively unscathed ½ and ¼ teaspoons.

In all fairness to my husband, he is the resident dishwasher, so if anyone is going to reshape something in the disposal, it would be him.  I occasionally wash my breakfast and lunch dishes, but he washes the dinner dishes every evening after we eat the dinner I cook, so he has many more opportunities than I to get creative.

The resulting design from this episode was so intriguing, that I immediately began seeing possibilities. Perhaps this garbage disposal art could be mounted on a wooden plaque.  Better yet, the plaque could include a written warning: Beware the garbage disposal.

Can’t you see an Etsy listing in our future?  With a catchy name?

  Disposal Design
    Clever garbage disposal art