Monday, November 21, 2016

Lord Banjo's Thanksgiving Plans

Lord Banjo aka The Ink Penn Dog

I was just sitting down to write about my upcoming Thanksgiving holiday at Miss Beverly’s camp when I got the best-ever invitation from Camp Counselor SarahAnne.
Hi Lord Banjo,
My roommates and I are wondering if you’d like to visit us at our new camp location this Tuesday when your parents are on their way out of town. We would like to keep you for one night on Tuesday before taking you over to spend the rest of your vacation with Miss Beverly. We are having a Thanksgiving dinner at our house that night with our friends ("Friends-giving") and thought you would be an excellent addition to our celebration! 

Please let me know if you are interested in visiting us.

Camp Counselor SarahAnne

P.S. Please tell your sister Puddin' she is welcome to visit another time.

Dear CCSA,
Oh WOW!  My favorite camp counselor is having a party, and I’m the guest of honor?  Well, I know you didn’t exactly say that, but I bet I’m the only four-legged royal animal you’re inviting. 

I accept your invitation with pleasure. How very cool!  I see a new crowd of admirers in my future.  I had a bath yesterday, and I’m ready to be seen and touched and hugged. I do hope my green bandana will be a hit. 

BTW, silly girl, I am not mentioning this to Puddin’.  She’d be jealous even though she’s not very good with crowds.  

I guess her colorful coat is more appropriate for this holiday, but her behavior is not.  But then, not all animals are as royally well behaved as I am.


Lord Banjo

Dear Lord Banjo,

Yay! We can't wait to see you! You will most definitely be the guest of honor, and my roommates are looking forward to meeting you.


Stay tuned for updates on my holiday.  And, hey, check out Mum's new book. You'll find a story about me in the section titled, "Four-Legged Family Members."