Saturday, February 18, 2017

National Love Your Pet Day? Yippee!

Wow!  Who knew there was a National Love Your Pet Day?  I sure didn’t, but then Lord Banjo is loved each and every day. Do humans really need to be reminded to love their pets?  If so, then I’m a lucky boy, ‘cause my Royal parents love me all the time. And, I’m such a sweet boy, I even share the love with Princess Puddin’.

Love Your Pet Day just happens to come in the same month as my birthday−all the more reason to love me double in February. Hmmm. Seems like there should be something extra special the Royal parents could do for me.  Nope, it’s not a trip to the Royal groomers.  Mum seems to enjoy that much more than I do.  Though, perhaps if I’m extra clean, she’d let me get on the bed. Puddin’ gets up there most nights, sometimes even under the covers.  What gives?

I’m not sensing much encouragement here from the Royal Mum. Maybe Dad can take me for two walks a day?  And order up some cold weather?  I do adore cold weather for my walks. And maybe the Royal Physician could approve some extra snacks for me.  I’m thinking rolls, biscuits, pork chop scraps … get the picture? All the wonderful delicacies that have been stricken from my diet could be restored, if only temporarily.

Still, no encouragement forthcoming. Must I issue a royal decree to get some attention here?  What’s that I hear? I already get baths, daily walks, dental chewies, and an occasional biscuit. Who thinks that’s  enough?  Oh, belly rubs too?  Why didn’t you say belly rubs right off?  Come to think of it; belly rubs may be all the love Lord Banjo requires.

Yes! Did you see my paw pump? Shower me with belly rubs, and I’ll be a happy camper. And I, Lord Banjo, hereby decree that every day shall be Love Your Pet Day for all pets throughout the land!

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