Monday, May 15, 2017

Lord Banjo Has Exciting News

The Royal Mum has finally finished typing my manuscript.  I bark; she types, and then she edits.  She claims the editing process is lots of work, and that’s what’s taken so long, but I have my doubts. I think she’s been spending too much time enjoying retirement and promoting her book, “The Ink Penn,” instead of buckling down to finish my book.

Some might call her selfish, but I’m willing to overlook the delay, now that my book is finally with the publisher.  Mum even found a super-duper illustrator to draw my likeness.  He's a fun loving guy who gives great belly rubs and has captured my witty style in his drawings. I may not look quite as handsome as I do in real life, but these sketches highlight my sense of humor. 

We’re not yet ready to unveil those pics, so for now, my admirers will have to make do with this photo of moi. I'm contemplating using this one as my author headshot. Decisions, decisions! 

Be on the lookout for updates on the cover design and more as we get closer to sharing my masterpiece with the public.

Feel free to contact me, Lord Banjo, at Mum’s email address,