Friday, September 29, 2017

A First for Lord Banjo

The Royal Mum wrote a press release for me months ago, but she has been pretty slack about doing anything with it. She finds time to take weeklong vacations and read her mystery novels every night but can't seem to get to her administrative duties pour moi.

My threats to hire an assistant seem to have gotten her attention. Finally, today, she learned how to use a press release organization to distribute the news about the Royal Pooch. 

Drumroll please, or maybe Royal Trumpets:  Read my press release HERE.

While I've got your attention, I just know you'll also get a kick out of my latest book review:

Delightful and Humorous! If you love Dogs this is the book for you. I had the pleasure of meeting Lord Banjo in person wearing his Royal Robe and Crown, holding his head up high. :) A Must Read !!!

One last note to my Royal Subjects: Please forward my news to friends and family far and wide so that more pet lovers can get to know me. Who knows? If they're local, I might even get some belly rubs!