Thursday, April 5, 2018

Spring has Sprung

The Ink Penn Newsletter
April 2018
News from the Royal Abode
Lord Banjo and I took most of the winter off. To kick off Spring, the Royal Pooch combined a book signing with a bit of barhopping on Saint Simons Island. Many thanks to Island Dog for hosting us and to Brogen's for the cold beer and sweet potato fries we enjoyed on the top deck. It's your guess as to who had what.

His big news items?
  • He now has his own newspaper column for the Highlands Newspaper--DogSpeak: Reflections from Lord Banjo. Read his introductory column on my blog site, and sign up to receive new blogs via email.  
  • His coloring book comes out in early May. 
For those who've asked when Milord will write another book, today's answer is he's working on it and has plans to publish a sequel in 2019. From time to time his newfound celebrity status seems to go to his head, and it's difficult to get him to knuckle down to write book two.

Meanwhile, you can find The Ink Penn: Celebrating the Magic in the Everyday and Lord Banjo the Royal Pooch on Amazon.
Keeping up with Lord Banjo and the Royal Mum
Okay, okay, I know must of you are much more interested in Lord Banjo than you are in me, but there are several ways you can keep up with us both.
  1. For pics of my boy and a schedule of events, visit  Coming up:
    • 4/8 City Dog Market/Brookhaven/Ga
    • 4/21-22 Lemonade Days Festival/Dunwoody/GA
    • 5/12-13 Dunwoody Arts Festival
  2. Visit my Facebook Author Page, where I post whatever strikes my fancy: Lord Banjo's newspaper column, Lord Banjo's Favorite Quotes, and more. It may be my author page, but Milord gets more airtime than I do.
  3. Follow my Amazon Author Page or Goodreads Author Page to see my blogs and Lord Banjo's newspaper column.
  4. Last but not least, Lord Banjo the Royal Pooch has an Instagram account. "About time," he says.
Please  forward our newsletter to your friends.  That way, they can keep up with us too.
We're happy Spring has Sprung and hope you are too!
Write Lord Banjo and the Royal Mum, once known as Kathy Manos Penn, at, and stay up to date between newsletters by following us on Facebook or my Amazon Author Page.

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