Monday, September 16, 2019

Puddin' writes about books for Cat Lovers

It’s Mum’s job to write about books, but I demanded to be the one to write about the best cat books.  I’m sure you’re aware we kitties read by lying on reading material, preferably newspapers, but a book will do.

My Aunt Lisa gave us my all-time favorite cat book, “The Dalai Lama’s Cat.” It’s my favorite because the cat tells the story, and her beginnings are similar to mine. His Holiness’s Cat, HHC for short, was found with his siblings near a trash heap in New Dehli. As the runt of the litter, she seemed destined to return to the trash until the Dalai Lama rescued her in the nick of time.

Like a food wrapper or beer bottle, I too was thrown from a car window into a bush in Midtown Atlanta.  An angel, who was forever rescuing abandoned kitties and finding them homes, plucked me from the bush. My soon to be Mum was searching for a calico kitty and, luckily for both of us, found me online. So, HHC and I I have our near-death experiences in common.

HHC learns, not at the Dalai Lama's feet, as she says, but in his lap; and she shares her adventures and imparts her wisdom in her sweet book.  I must encourage Mum to get the next two books in the series: "The Dalai Lama's Cat and the Art of Purring" and "The Dalai Lamas' Cat and the Power of Meow."

“The Story of Fester Cat: How One Remarkable Cat Changed Two Men's Lives” is yet another book written by a cat. This “feisty feline,” as Fester’s new housemates describe him, wanders into a Manchester, England backyard and stays. Paul Magrs, one of Fester’s pet parents, is a writer, like my Mum. Strange coincidence, right?  It’s Paul who first encourages Fester to write, starting with reviews of cat books. I guess it was natural for Fester to go from book reviews to the story of his life.

Fester is a grown streetwise cat before he takes up residence with the men, but they take good care of him, and the story of his new life is another sweet read.  As I write about these two books, I realize that must have an affinity for books written by cats, not necessarily books about cats.

 Mum requested I mention another of her favorites.  You may remember Cleveland Amory who for many years was a television critic for TV Guide. He was also an animal rights activist, and his first cat book was “The Cat Who Came for Christmas.” It was #1 on the NY Times bestseller list for twelve weeks in 1987.  Polar Bear, a little white stray, was the star of that book, though Polar Bear didn’t write it. Amory wrote two more books about Polar Bear: “The Cat and the Curmudgeon” and “The Best Cat Ever.”  All three were bestsellers.  Mum says that even though the white kitty didn’t write the story, it too is a heartwarming tale.

It must be something about cats that our stories are always sweet. Mum says that even though we can be demanding little things, we can steal your heart in a flash. Dad agrees and says there’s nothing better than reading in bed with me snuggled against his shoulder with my head beneath his chin. I wonder whether there’s a book in my future, a book written by me, that is.  We shall see.

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