Thursday, June 23, 2016

Lord Banjo goes to summer camp #4

Dear Mum,

PROUD. PROUD. PROUD.  That is what you should be of me. I was the champion walker today. I think I am starting to get into shape.  Today marked my 35th mile since arriving at this torture facility, and I trotted the whole time, leaving Miss Beverly hanging on for dear life. Just returned from the evening walk through the square where tons of people were listening to music and dining outside and about half of them wanted to run their fingers through my fur.

But the best part was the fantastic job I did  snagging a discarded hamburger bun lying on the sidewalk. Man, was I fast and then about two minutes later I spied another one . At first, I thought it was a rock disguised as a bun, but it was the real thing. Miss Beverly was not too happy. I think she’s going to make me suffer for it by reducing my rations from four niblets to two!

I wonder if she realizes I learned how to do that from her dog, the master himself, Tucker "Hoover." Bet he’s looking down from doggie heaven and smiling.That little thing could "hoover" a floor of every scrap of food in no time.

Tucker "Hoover"

But now to the most exciting part: I think I saw Puddin’. Yep, she was just sitting there at the end of a long ramp. I was so excited to see her, but Miss Beverly wouldn't let me just run to her so I sat down and Puddin’ sat down and we just stared at each other. We looked like little Buddhas . That went on for about 5 minutes.  Miss Beverly kept trying to get me to move on but no way. It was definitely Puddin’, but she finally turned away just like she does at home so I gave up trying to be nice. I'll see her soon enough. Frankly, I'm enjoying the break, what with her hogging my dog beds and drinking out of my water dish all the time. 

The way it is at home

Gotta go and rest up for tomorrow. Hope you are having luck finding my edible t-shirt. I may want matching pants too.

Your best boy,
Big Bad Banjo


Dear son,
I AM proud! Except of course of your bun escapade. Tsk, tsk. I am sure you'll pay for that.
I know you are growing more and more fond of Miss Beverly, but I hope you haven't forgotten your Mum and Dad.

Glad you got to see Puddin'. Can't wait to hear about your next adventure.

We were so excited today because we saw a dog who could be your German cousin.  He was in a courtyard sheltering from the rain, but it looked as though he enjoyed the cold and wet as much as you do.  Check out his pic!  
Banjo's German cousin

Love you and miss you!!

Mum and Dad