Friday, June 17, 2016

Lord Banjo goes to summer camp #3

Dear Mum,
It’s the good, the bad, and the ugly (well actually, no ugly; that just sounded cool.) Didn't write yesterday ‘cause I got to thinking that my letters home were making you so homesick that you might contemplate ending your trip and rushing home to save me and yourself. Please know that despite my severe food deprivation, this camp is workin’ out for me.

Banjo & Camp Counselor
It' s nice being the only furball in the house. I get so much more attention without my calico sister demanding someone swing that crazy bird toy for her. 

Ahhh, relief
On my second walk yesterday, we explored the cemetery where I waded in the creek. In one place, the water was up to my shoulders. Miss Beverly said we could do that again later in the week.   

I barked once this morning—just one big bark. That' s all ‘cause it even startled me. It just crept out of my mouth without warning . Not sure why, but it may have been because I realized it was raining and my walk was canceled. Don't think I’ll be doing that again because no one seemed all that thrilled, me included.

Now for the bad. I have been banned from ALL bedrooms. Seems like for the last two mornings I have awakened Camp Counselor SarahAnne in the wee hours with my flopping around on the floor. Made her bed shake. Maybe when I waste away to nothing, I can return. No matter. I have several other favorite  places including the kitchen.

Getting excited about my t-shirt. Do they make edible ones over there? Dreaming of one that tastes like a grilled steak. Be on the lookout.

You all keep enjoying your trip and don't worry about me. Well, worry a little if it means you’ll bring me something.

Your Big Boy Banjo (maybe not so big anymore!)

Dear son,
When I saw the word ugly, I was worried you’d been sick in Miss Beverly's house.  Glad that wasn't the case. I guess flopping around on a wood floor is noisier than doing it on our carpet and you disturbed the Camp Counselor’s  beauty sleep.

Your creek adventure sounds like fun and sounds refreshing.   Not sure about an edible tee shirt. Maybe a Bavarian collar?

Tell Miss Beverly that I’m trying hard to follow her diet advice to avoid bread and most of the heavy red meat selections. Great Norwegian salmon last night for dinner and then vanilla ice cream for dessert. Your dad had a banana split today with his lunch!! Oh, sorry, guess you don’t want to hear about our desserts!


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