Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Lord Banjo goes to summer camp

When Mum and Dad took a two-week vacation this year, I got to go to summer camp for the first time. I had such a grand time I’m hoping they make a habit of taking lengthy vacations. That’s not to say I don’t have fun when they take me with them, but summer camp was a new adventure.

Miss Beverly, aka the royal physician, opens her summer camp only for special guests and only for one at a time. The camper before me was Rosie the lab.

When Mum and Dad bathed me, dressed me in a sporty new bandana, and loaded me and my food into the car, I knew something was up.  I just didn’t know it was a two-week camp.  I was happy to see Miss Beverly, but I sure was surprised when Mum and Dad drove off without me. Though I whimpered just a bit, I got over feeling sad when I went on my first walk.  Miss Beverly and Camp Counselor SarahAnne kept me pretty darned busy—sometimes to the point of exhaustion.
You may recall that it was Miss Beverly who first recommended I go on a diet, so you won’t be surprised to hear that she saw summer camp as her opportunity to jumpstart my weight loss program—as though I weren’t already starving at home on my ridiculously small portions.

To take my mind off my hunger pangs, I kept a journal and emailed Mum about all my camp activities.  I just know you'll enjoy my summer camp updates as much as Mum did, so check back to "read all about it” in the coming weeks.


Dear Mum,
Miss Beverly and I walked our two miles through the busy Decatur square which was jam packed with people eating outside, strolling along, and just hanging out waiting for the HUGE lantern parade. We got home just in time to grab the iPad and head to the corner to claim a viewing spot.

Enjoying the lantern parade 
Waiting for the parade to start
I was the perfect pup. I waited patiently for the parade to begin and watched the whole thing. Best of all, I got some hugs from kids.  


Your Boy Banjo 

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