Thursday, June 9, 2016

Lord Banjo goes to summer camp #2

Dear Mum, 
Early this morning found me and Miss Beverly strolling the Agnes Scott campus where there was lots of activity getting ready for the graduation ceremony. Then home to crash, or thud, as you say.

As part of our two-mile evening walk, we took in a concert on the Square, and I also met a dog I liked named Stella. I’m panting now and trying to recover from this miserable heat and humidity. Tomorrow morning will be the coolest morning yet so I should be way happier. This heat is just too much for a boy in a heavy fuzzy coat.

No matter the heat, I am eating with gusto—all two niblets I get.  I’ll be heading straight for Puddin’s wet food when I get home. That reminds me, just who is cleaning Puddin’s bowl while I’m away?

Hope you and Dad are having fun. Buy me a t-shirt.


Your Boy Banjo
Dear Son,
Sounds like you're enjoying summer camp and being a good boy. Glad you met a new friend. A parade and a concert all in one weekend! That's pretty special.

It’s been cool and wet here, just your kind of weather.

Love you!

Dear Mum,
OMG, I’m starving. The paint is gone from my bowl from licking it so much. Miss Beverly bought me a can of this delicious canned food. She puts a dollop on my food and mixes it with hot water, and it is soo yummy. Smells just like grilled steak and tastes even better…BUT I AM STILL STARVING!

I just returned from my 7th two-mile walk except tonight I jogged ‘cause it was such a cool day. Got a brush down too and lots of people commented on my fur. Many ask if I'm a Newfoundland, whatever that is, and some silly kid asked if I were a wolf. I growled and she ran. (Just kidding).

I have been sleeping in Camp Counselor SarahAnne's room ‘cause she has a floor fan aimed right at me.  Today, Master John had a bonsai workshop in the backyard, and I lay around receiving lots of pats as I critiqued everyone’s work. There's so much to do and see around here.

Please, won't  someone
send me some food?

BUT I AM STARVING!  In my photo, you  will see I’m looking up begging the gods to drop me some food. Buy my t-shirt a size smaller. Hope I don't waste away before you return.

Barely hangin’ on,


Dear Son,
I know Miss Beverly is starving you for your own good, though it may be hard to believe at the moment. We'll be sure to get you some of that canned food when we return from vacation.

I suppose it's not a good time to mention all the varieties of sausage we've sampled. I had to declare last night red meat free, and the rest of our trip may remain that way for me. 

We miss you and Puddin' terribly. We haven't seen many dogs here,which seems odd, and not a single cat.

I'm copying your Aunt Pam in case you need rescuing, but I think your stay with Miss Beverly sounds pretty darned good, except for the hunger pangs, of course. Makes me think of the Canyon Ranch Spa. Miss Beverly brushed you.  What’s next? A massage?

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