Thursday, July 7, 2016

Summer Camp comes to an end

Back home with Puddin'

Dear Miss Beverly and Camp Counselor SarahAnne,

Thank you so much for a wonderful summer camp experience. Where do I begin? Here at home, I don’t get to go to parades and concerts like you have in your town, so those events were  special treats for me. I also don’t get to wade in creeks, except occasionally when Mum and Dad take me to the mountains, and I don’t usually get to go on walks twice a day.

At home, Dad walks me up and down our street and we see other dogs and their parents, but I just don’t get the oohs and ahs and lots of people wanting to touch me like I did at camp. Do you think that means the folks in your neck of the woods are just more appreciative of my royal status?

Thanks too for sending me home with a fresh minty smell to my coat.  That made it easier for Mum and Dad to hug me, and I’m so glad because I really did miss them. I must tell you, though, that I was ready to run back to camp when Mum took me to the vet.  Even though you took such good care of me, there was just no avoiding those hot spots that I get every spring and summer. The vet said she’s seeing lots of poor doggies like me who are itching and scratching.

I couldn’t believe my ears when she said, “If you want to attack this aggressively and you’re willing to put up with Banjo having a baboon butt, then we’ll shave him, clean him up and give him a shot.” Worse yet, Mum said yes.  No one asked me! Yes, I feel better and I’m not scratching and chewing nearly as much, but still, the embarrassment is almost unbearable.

Oh well, this too shall pass.  Meanwhile, I’m showing off the new trick the Camp Counselor taught me, and Mum and Dad are super impressed with the spring in my step on our walks.  Dad even got up early this morning to walk me 2 miles at 7:15.  And oh yes, I’m still hungry.  Apparently you let my parents know you’d been starving me and I’d lost weight, and they are now following the Summer Camp aka BOOT CAMP diet plan. Now that I'm home with Puddin', though, at least I can lick  dabs of food from her bowl when she's not looking.

Despite the starvation diet, I’d really like to come back sometime.  I hope you’ll be offering a Fall Camp when Mum and Dad go away in September. I promise to be good as gold. And I sure hope my bald spot has grown back in, so my admirers won’t be disappointed.

Much Love, 

Your favorite camper Banjo
(I am the favorite, right?)


Dear Banjo,

We are happy to hear you enjoyed your experience with us, and we are delighted to provide your summer camp report card.

Camp Counselor SarahAnne says, "You were one of the best campers we've ever had! We are very glad to hear the rump itching is being treated! Sometimes you can pick up weird itches at camp. I look forward to seeing a picture of this new "baboon-do" you have, and I hope it is giving you some relief! 

We miss having a doggy to walk. The lake walk isn't as fun without you, but we are so glad to hear your dad is taking you on fun morning walks.  Can't wait to see you again soon and give you lots of kisses."

I concur. You were a great house guest. You never made sounds other than the thud of collapsing onto the floor and the slurps as you inhaled water. You were kind to all you met on our walks. You never demanded anything and always seemed appreciative of your hugs, kisses, and rubs.   

 Your September reservation is confirmed.


Miss Beverly